Staying Classy with Cartier Eyewear

Classy means Cartier. It’s as true today as it was at the turn of the 20th century when Cartier became the jeweller of choice for royalty, aristocracy and the world’s elite. That prestige is still present across the entire Cartier collection, including their eyewear. However, today wearing Cartier isn’t limited to a select few, their eyewear makes a touch of luxury accessible and affordable. That’s why we stock an extensive range of Cartier eyewear. 

But how did Cartier go from Parisian jeweller to a globally recognised brand?

A notable beginning

Louis-François Cartier set up a jewellers shop in 1847 on Rue Montorgueil, Paris. His son and later 3 grandsons continued the family business, with his grandsons bringing it to greater acclaim by traveling to foreign shores and wowing Russian royalty, American industrialists and English aristocracy. 

Cartier was famed for its jewellery and watches but grew to encompass accessories too, such as cufflinks, money clips and writing instruments. In 1983, Cartier finally launched its first eyewear collection.

The Cartier difference

Cartier is the only fashion house to have its own dedicated manufacturing site for its eyewear, ensuring complete control over every aspect of the production process. Starting with innovative designs, wax sculptures are made. Next comes resin models which lead to prototypes that must go through another round of approval before production begins in earnest. Only the very best materials are selected, including gold, silver, platinum, titanium, Rolf wood, diamonds and buffalo horn.

Timeless appeal for today

Cartier glasses and sunglasses offer indulgent touches that are both timeless in their appeal but feel very much of today. Cartier sunglasses in the UK bring an elegance that translates across borders, perfect for relaxing in the sunshine at home or abroad. Their recent collection sees them update several popular ranges including the Santos de Cartier range, with uniquely Cartier finishes such as removable leather bridge lapels and signature metal screws resembling airplane rivets. 

Cartier glasses and sunglasses are nothing short of stunning to behold. View our Cartier range in-store at Vaid Optometrists, your opticians in Edgware, and add a little luxury to your look.