What are the best foods for eye health?

Your eyes are precious and amazing. Keeping them that way only requires a bit of thought and attention, alongside support from your opticians in Edgeware, Vaid Optometrists. For example, it’s easy to design a tasty diet that supports your eye health. You can get vital oils, vitamins, minerals, and hydration from your food and drink choices.

A tip for assessing whether you are eating a diet that contains all the eye health vitamins you need is to eat a food rainbow. Different colours are associated with different beneficial components so if you consume a variety, you are more likely to be eating the right foods for eye health. Below is a sample list of foods and drinks that will help you make excellent choices:


  • Salmon and other fish – the omega-3 in many types of oily fish is particularly suitable for preventing a whole host of eye issues.
  • Flaxseed oil – you can consume oils in their purest form to help prevent macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome.
  • Beef – top up the zinc levels in your eyes when you have beef and other meats like chicken.
  • Green Tea – as it is rich in catechins, green tea has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Strawberries – not only yummy, strawberries contain antioxidants that can help to prevent cataracts.
  • Nuts – another great source of omega-3 – especially if you’re vegetarian or vegan.
  • Carrots – these contain vitamin A which helps with light absorption, so carrots really do help you see in the dark.
  • Citrus – vitamin C is a major component of oranges, grapefruits, and lemons as well as being supportive for your eyes.
  • Eggs – these are high in lutein and zeaxanthin which are particularly important as you get older.
  • Water – your body is 70% water so stay hydrated for your eyes and all of your systems.


Other steps

Healthy eating is only one facet of any comprehensive plan for your eye health. You also need to ensure that you protect your eyes from the sun, take steps to limit eyestrain and keep up to date with regular visits to your optician. The latter ensures that you get the latest advice on eye care, as well as any equipment or strategies that you need to protect and improve your vision. At Vaid Optometrists, we offer you all the support you need for a great visual experience. Make an appointment with one of our opticians in Edgeware to supplement your at-home eyecare.